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The purchase process is very simple. You only have to choose the type of image you want to virtually reform between these four products: 

  1. Virtual Staging Image:  You send us the photo of a room, lounge or bathroom and we will give you back within 7 days the image of the renovated room with virtual watermark 
  2. Image Virtual Staging without watermark: It is the same product as before ( 1), but without the watermark 
  3. Imagen Virtual Staging Kitchen: In this case you send us the photo of a kitchen and we will return it to you within a period of 7 days. virtually with watermark 
  4. Image Virtual Staging Kitchen without watermark: It is the same product as before (3) but without the watermark

Once the product has been purchased, we will send you an email with all the information and the process to send us the photos. 

You can choose as many photos of each product as you wish. 

Images you see on our website, are real examples of work done, therefore, the image you send us will be as good as those examples. 

Virtual Staging Image

39,90  + IVA

  • You can send us any stay (bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms) except kitchens, which are purchased directly in the specific product “kitchens”
  • Each image will be sent with watermark
  • We accept any resolution of images
  • We will return an image of your rom virtually renovated, optimized for SEO (1200 x 800 px approx.)
  • Maximum execution time 7 days
  • The design of the virtual reform will be according to the criteria of House Finished. For on-demand designs, get in touch via email